Physical Evidence

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Dragon Tooth Notes

  • Greek myth in the legends of Phoenician prince Cadmus and Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece
  • Both cases the dragons are real and breathe with fire
  • After killed and when plant their teeth, would grow into fully armed warriors
  • Both legends give way to the phrase "to sow dragon's teeth" which is a metaphor referring to doing something that has the effect of fomenting (to try to cause the growth or development of something bad) disputes

  • References to a dragons tooth
    • Military engineering
      • Dragons teeth fortification for anti-tank obstacles
    • Books
      • Dragons Teeth: A Novel (1878 realist novel)
      • The Dragon's Teeth (1939 mystery novel)
      • Dragons Teeth (1942 Pulitzer Prize winning historical novel)
      • Dragon's teeth: the background, content and consequences of the North Atlantic Pact (1949 non-fiction book)
      • "Dragon's Teeth" (1977 fantasy short story)
      • The Dragon's Teeth? (1982 American book)
      • The Dragon's Tooth (2011 fantasy novel)
      • Dragon's Teeth (sequel to Dragon's Eye, fantasy novel)
      • Dragon's Teeth Mountains (fictional mountain range in Shannara series of books
      • Dragon Teeth (posthumous novel May 2017)
    • Other literature and media
      • The Dragon's Teeth (radio story 1941)
      • Dragon's Teeth (Star Trek: Voyager 1999)
      • Dragon's Tooth (fictional sniper rifle in the Fafner in the Azure anime series)
      • Dragon's Tooth (video game 1986)
    • Botany
      • Dragon's teeth, plant species in the Lotus genus
    • Traffic Engineering
      • Dragon's Teeth, a series of calibrated lines painted on a road surface to enforce a speed limit
    • Geography
      • Dragon's Teeth (small group of rocks in Antarctica)
      • Dragon's Teeth Gate (a craggy granite outcrop in Singapore)
      • Dragon's Tooth (trail landmark in Roanoke County Virginia)