JWJ From Ohio

This Section Will Contain Spoilers!

This is the first background information that John William James has given us about his childhood. He tells us that he grew up on a farm in Ohio. His father was a farmer and the farm was plagued with sinkholes that JWJ often fell in to. This is how JWJ developed a fascination with sinkholes and links the sinkhole article from episode one to our case. JWJ goes on to tell us that he never respected his father but we may have found him "amiable company". It is my thinking that he cannot respect a man that repeatedly sows a field knowing that he is working on a losing battle. He sees this as stupidity and he hates and abhors stupidity. JWJ is an intelligent man and his father's constant struggle is not seen as faith and perseverance but as blind stupidity.

JWJ sends us this copy of the Ohio Farmer as a token of his childhood. This edition may come into play later in our case but at this point it is a nod to his childhood.