JWJ As Lilian's Child


  • According to the autopsy Lilian was 28 at the time of her death
  • By this date this puts her birth in 1939
  • John William James was born in 1956
  • If Lilian gave birth to JWJ she would have been 17 at the time of his birth
  • During this time period young unwed mothers were put in unwed mother homes due to embarrassment to the families
  • It's possible Lilian was originally put away because she was pregnant with JWJ at a young age
  • This could explain JWJ's need for us to look into the file of Lloyd and the death of Lilian, because she is his mother
  • According to this theory (and the George Madson theory) this would make JWJ and George Madson brothers and would explain the reason JWJ has such strong feelings of dislike and almost hatred towards Madson. His own brother is keeping him locked up for decades.