Physical Evidence
Letter From Penny

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Penny is on completely different stationary than we've received before. She thanks us for helping her and tells us she is finally taking her trip that she always wanted to take. After she escaped she dropped by her house to take care of some business and finances and noticed that the house looked different that when she left it. The carpet had been replaced and the walls had been painted. Eerily she says she was looking forward to seeing the place how she left it. She tells us that at least the police didn't find her pictures that she hid away in a book in her studio. Self-shot crime scene photos of her husband and son. She has sent us a couple as a souvenir sadly. She calls her family a rock tied to her ankle, her son the heaviest of all. She mentions a marionette, a little doll moved by strings by a puppeteer. She bids us adieu and is gone.