Letter From Penny

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Penny is quite a shock really. She starts off immediately by imbedding a cypher in the text of the letter and to see how to solve this cypher please visit here. She then goes on to cruelly say that she went back to her old house sadly to find it had received new carpet and fresh paint, to cover up all the blood from her husband's and son's murder, and she is sad because she was hoping to see it in the condition she left it. She wanted to revisit her crime scene; the crime scene she left behind. She even retrieved photos that she took the time, after she killed her poor baby and husband, before the police got there, and she stashed them inside a book in the library for her to look at later. She has sent us one of each of them as a trophy. Also, she went to her house on Sunday after she was released and who else was supposed to be there Sunday? Angela. Angela was there cleaning and packing also. So she inevitably ran into her old nemesis Angela, thus the missing person's report.