Penny's Last 24 Hours

Final Solution

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers AND The Final Solution For Vindication

We released Penny at 8:00am on Sunday by filling out the General Form. She was then seen in Luna's General Store at 8:34am buying a bottle of water, a tarp, a box of garbage bags, and several travel-sized toiletries. She told us in her letter to us that she went to her old house to take care of some financial business. This has to be after her visit to the store because there just isn't time, no matter where she was coming from, to go to the home prior to Luna's General Store. In the meantime, Angela was speaking with her mother on the phone at approximately 8:00-8:15am on Sunday morning and told her mother that she was about to go to her brother's house (also Penny's house and where Penny was headed after the store) to do some packing of things over there. This would put them there around the same time. We know they hate each other and Angela was not heard from by anyone after this phone call to her mother. Penny was seen at some point during the day driving down the street in a grey car, but this fact is unsubstantiated with police. Penny was then seen at the Golden Bell Bank in Haddon on ATM footage at 11:56pm withdrawing $5,000. She then waiting until after midnight for the withdraw limit to reset and withdrew another $5,000 at 12:03am on Monday morning. Angela's grey Toyota Prius was found abandoned in the parking lot of the El Paso International Airport with the body of Angela in the trunk on Monday morning at 10:02am.

Penny sent us an encrypted note in her letter to us with a website address as listed below. To see how to decode this letter please visit here. The website is a blog that starts on Monday at 7:54am and ends Friday at 9:24pm (21:24). The following pictures is of Angela in the trunk.