Financial Document

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The financial document that Lawrence Kingsley sent to Penny is from the LFoA, presumably under a shell company, Vermillion Phoenix Philanthropy. There are multiple people on the document receiving money from the LFoA that are a part of either Penny's trial or Penny's health care, which paints a very treasonous picture. 

Adams, Quentin - Administrative - Check #000921401 - Received $10,000 - Adams was the judge presiding over Penny's trial.

Graham, Justine - Judicial - Check #001664182 - Received $5,000 - Graham was Penny's defence lawyer for her trial.

Kohler, Henry - Medical - Direct Deposit - Received $5,000 - Kohler was the psychiatrist working for the prosecution that evaluated Penny's mental fitness for trial.

Kingsley, Lawrence - Judicial - Check # 000132522 - Received $3,000 - Kingsley was the post trial appeal lawyer for Penny