Note From Sven

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Sven's note gives us a grid with a lot of numbers and symbols used in a card deck as follows:

His first two clues for solving this cypher are in the sentences: "It's a real shift from my usual company around here. Most of the patients that I play with couldn't tell you what letter a word started with if you write it out in front of them."

He is telling us first that we are shifting in this cypher and second that we are using the first letter, what letter a word starts with.

His last two clues for this cypher are: "Don't forget, jokers aren't fair play. Always advance from the beginning of the suit."

He is telling us that all of the "J's" in the grid are Jacks and not Jokers because Jokers are not fair or valid play, and his last clue to solve this cypher is always to advance from the beginning of the suit which is used in conjunction with his previous clue of "what letter a word starts with" meaning that we are shifting from the first letter in the suit name.

The following face cards equal the follow shifts:

J (Jacks)=11     Q (Queen)=12     K (King)=13     A (Ace)=1

♠︎=S (Spade)     ◆=D (Diamond)     ♣︎=C (Club)     ♥=H (Heart)

For our first suit of Spades ♠︎ and number of 8, we are shifting the first letter of the suit, so shifting the "S" of Spades ♠︎. We are shifting the "S" forwards 8 letters in the alphabet: T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, A. So the 8♠︎=A. 

For the second suit in our grid, we are shifting K♥, meaning we are shifting the H in Heart 13 letters forwards (see list above for how many spaces to shift a king). I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U. Therefore, 8♥=U. 

For the next suit we will be shifting A♠︎, shifting the "S" in Spades forward one letter in the alphabet (see list above for how many spaces to shift an Ace). A♠︎=T

We continue this until we have all items shifted and end up with the following grid:

Our solved cypher text reads:


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