Note From Patient 7166

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This is a note from Sven, patient 7166, to Penny that Penny has sent to us. He is not happy with her at all. He feels like she has betrayed him and used him. He admits that he taught her how to write in Morse Code on her paintings and that she was his "highfive buddy", indicating he is the one that taught her the highfive cypher. He says she has another buddy now, indicating she has another friend. Is he referring to us? She is using the highfive code with us. Or is he speaking of the proctor that she spoke to during the COBRA testing? Did Sven find out that two of her proctors were terminated and he felt jealous? He tells her that she can't make friends into tool, that friends are to mean more than that. He also tells her that now she knows what happens when she crosses him and hurts him, he hurts back. He stabbed her with a knitting needle.