Second Chance Letter

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This Second Chance letter from Vernon Li gets down right personal. Vernon tells us a lot of information that no other inspector has ever shared before. He tells us how much he believes in her and that he thinks she is in there by mistake. That even though Penny isn't the type of person you might notice at first, once you do you can't help but be impressed. He brags on her art talent. He goes on to express his concern about her being housed with the dangerous people that are in the facility because he doesn't think she belongs in their company. He doesn't feel like his job is all that important but goes on to say that he could tell some stories about what other inspectors find in their packages. That it is down right scary. Then as suddenly as the personalization started, it is back to the standard LFoA Inspectors form that is pre-printed and pre-written. Just a strange letter altogether.