Letter From Penny

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Penny starts out with an air of excitement over the magazine article she has sent us concerning Dr. Kohler. She is hopeful that he will be indicted for malpractice and lose his license, and in return be granted a new trial on appeal. 

She then starts to speak in a weird, almost gibberish tone like she did in the last letter. This is after she says the words "high five". This is most likely indicative of a cypher in her letter. To see how to solve this cypher please visit here

She goes on to tell us that she is sending us a stuffed pig that she no longer has use for. Kenny got it for the dog he had plans on getting, but never did. For the first time she sounds cold and calculating. She tells us that Kenny was always buying accessories for items in hopes that it would lead her to buy that item, such as toys, and then mentioned Gregory's name. Did Kenny really buy baby items in hopes it would get her in the mood to have a baby? Didn't she want Gregory on her own?

In her post script she gives us a clue on how to do the cross stitch that she has sent. To see how to solve this cypher please visit here.