Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This memorandum is written from Dr. Terrance Floyd to Maritza Martinez. This memo starts out with how they have improved their tests to prevent another 1618, which was, of course, John William James' patient number from season one. It also mentions COBRA76, which was of course, Jasper Flowers from season Initiation. It states that patient 12279, Penny, started in the blue room, and did well until Proctor 34 broke protocol and started conversing with Penny. We are not told who Proctor 34 is or why Proctor 34 is present, but apparently this person breaks protocol and starts speaking to Penny, which initiated "Obligation Beta" but even though he/she initiation this "Obligation Beta" he did not acquire "True Ending", and instead relayed information back to their commanding "Operating Invigilator" before they were supposed to. The Proctor also demanded that Penny be given extra time in the arts and crafts room, and they have determined that Proctor 34 has been compromised and is not terminated. Also "True Ending" is compromised. Even with all these set backs and failures Dr. Terrance Floyd feels like Penny should continue on to COBRA100 stage, and he would be interested to see how Penny responds to inimical (hostile) conditions. We are never told what True Ending is, who Proctor 34 is, and what Obligation Beta is, although I have a theory on who Proctor 34 may be. To see that theory visit here.