Note From Patient 7166

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Using the same method of decryption we used in Penny's letter from episode two, since Sven says "high five", we use every fifth word to form a sentence. 

Did you know that I lost my way earlier? Hope doesn't come around much. You feeling right at home, are you? Yesterday I was getting a cookie milk when someone came around and said to surrender them, so I put one in their pocket. The worse part was counting numbers of lost chocolate chips in each one. Although on the upside, I saw their form in the hall recently. That means that their future is split. I really enjoy the idea. It's nice, but only if they go the way of the dodo. Extinct. You understand me. Why we are buddies not. You, me, getting along. Do you look out the window often? Full of colour, not like in here.

I hope you are getting someone to put the numbers in the form. That is the only way you are getting out of here.