Letter From Penny

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

In this month's letter from Penny she tells us that she has been granted some "conveniences" by her Inspector in order to print off more than one copy of her letter, but she doesn't describe what these conveniences are. She speaks fondly of her Inspector, Vernon Li, although he has a job to do and seems to want to do it well. She tells us she is all settled in at the facility which sounds as if she has just gotten there instead of been there for a while, which is strange considering since her date of psychiatric evaluation by the court was in 2008. Where has she been housed this whole time? Surely it did not take 10 years for the process of her trial. 

In the mid section of her letter her wording turns strange. To see why this is please visit here.

She tells us she did so well the first couple of weeks in art therapy that they have granted her space in the studio, another indicator that she has not been at Second Chances very long.

She tells us about a note that patient 7166, Sven, has given her. She says she isn't even sure she read it correctly and maybe that's the point! To see how to read this note please visit here