Warning This Section Does Contain Spoiles

After further examination of the modelling sand we find a slip of paper inside. It is a note to "12279" which we are assuming is Penny, and has a list of coordinates on it. It also tells her that she will undergo COBRA testing to evaluate the outcome of whether she will be ready for release or not. He tells her there is a manual and she should read it without getting caught. The list of coordinates are as follows:

In episode one Sven mentioned Alaska but nothing was elaborated about it. All coordinates are to facilities belonging to the LFoA except for the last one. It leads to the middle of the Bering Sea, off the coast of Alaska. What is so special about Alaska?

There is also a website on this note:

Also on the note is "hackeysack23" which is the password to gain access to this website. This website contains templates that the inspectors use and also a blank LFoA ID Badge. It also contain the DOJ Transfer Form, no longer valid it says, that we received in episode eight of Awakening for John William James. There are blank inspectors notes and also the preprinted template that Vernon is supposed to use to write to us. A very interesting find.