Letter From Friend

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Penny (Penelope Anne Hartwell), our new Friend, is interesting. She tells us the story of the night her husband and son died, but the story she tells us in this letter is not the same as the story she told the police and the courts. It differs slightly. She tells us that she was working in her art workshop after dinner. She says that's where she was when she heard the first shot, but in her statement to the police she says she was coming into the house for a break from painting and found her son's body laying on the floor dead. She found her husband had shot him accidentally while cleaning his gun. She then said she found her husband dead at his desk, shot by his own hand, but in this letter she says she came running into the house after hearing the first shot. She found her son dead on the floor and that her husband, Kenny, was so taken back and in such shock he was turning the gun on himself. She tried to stop him and they wrestled over the gun but he managed to get a shot off and shot himself in the head, killing himself. She sounds genuine and sincere in her grief and remorse over both their deaths. She sounds like she loved them very much. Her writing is lucid and and cohesive, not at all like that of a schizoaffective disorder patient, which she has been diagnosed as.