Jasper Killed Employees

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This employee directory, fire escape plan and jewellry repair record is all a record of Jasper's murder spree. First of all he killed Manny before he was ever admitted into the LFoA facility and Manny is listed first on the Repair Record. I do not believe the murders were committed in the same order that the repair record has them listed. Mainly for this reason, evidence points to Dr. Cortes being killed and not present from almost episode one, and if Dr. Cortes was gone then Meg would have to be murdered as well since she would know that her physician was murdered. Since my theory is that Jasper killed Dr. Cortes and Meg  before we ever received episode one, this is the reason that Felix asked us to look into the facility for him. Felix knew something was wrong, possibly by some sort of correspondence he received from the doctor that didn't sound like the doctor at all. Jasper proceeded to murder people that got in his way, such as the gardener, Clark Love, and Sheriff Randall Dietrich. Eventually Jasper has killed pretty much everyone at the facility and has the run of the place by himself. What is interesting is that he doesn't leave or run away. He instead makes a video and mangles himself on video for us. He did not have any intention of running or leaving.