Pen Pal Letter
Episode Five

This letter from Jasper tells us more about himself than any letter we've received so far. He tells us about his time with Manny. That Manny was not the person people believed him to be. Manny like to torture animals and kill them in a way so to capture their fear on their face in death. Then he would preserve them through taxidermy and display them in his apartment. Such an unpleasant place to live. He also tells us Manny's full name but says Manny told him that he was Portuguese, although Jasper didn't believe that. He admits to us that he doesn't open up to people easily and doesn't write often. But he is enjoying writing to us. He generally keeps to himself. He says that once he puts his mind to something he likes to see it all the way through, and that he likes that about himself, but there isn't much that he likes about himself. He mentions that there is such variety in people and that we can learn from each other if we just open ourselves to it.