Physical Evidence
Letter From Sylvia

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Sylvia has almost a sad under tone. She is regretful for the extents that she almost went to for Jasper. She has closed her shop, Carte de Monde, and is leaving town in order to escape him and his memory. She tells Jasper that a man came into her shop asking lots of questions that she didn't understand but he was wearing a pin from LFoA and showed her Jasper's medical file/report. She seemed shocked by the contents. She finds out that he dismembered his victims and asks how long that took and how much time he spent planning it out. She also wonders if he could have or would have done the same to her if given the chance. She is appalled of the people that she almost put in danger trying to help him. She closes her letter with a post script about him getting his new Listening Friend and that it will be good for him to have someone after she is gone. This will apparently be her last correspondence to him.