Letter From Sylvia

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This is the last letter that Sylvia writes to Jasper. She tells him how horrified she is of the extent she almost went to in order to help him escape. This proves that she has not done anything evil such as kill or hurt anyone. She could not bear the thought much less the action. She tells Jasper that she is selling her shop and moving to gain some distance from him and the memories. She sent the jewellers loupe to Jasper as a memento to remember her and Manny by, since it originally belonged to him. She hopes when he looks at it he feels some sort of remorse. She lets him know that Dr. Cortes told her of the pen pal program that the facility is implementing and is glad that he will have someone that will listen to him after she is gone. She hopes that he will be able to open up to this person, ourselves. Since this is her last letter she no longer has the need to send him secret coded cyphers so this letter does not contain any.

The order of Sylvia's letters are as follows:

#1 - Letter from episode two is the first letter sent to Jasper with message (I've found a way).

#2 - Letter from episode one is the second letter sent to Jasper with message (Hang in there just a little longer).

#3 - Letter from episode four is the third letter sent to Jasper with message (I will come exactly one month from now. Two thirty in the morning. My next letter will tell you where to go).

#4 - Letter from episode three is the fourth letter sent to Jasper with message (Watch by craft rm windw).

#5 - Letter from episode five is the fifth and final letter that Sylvia has sent Jasper and there is not secret message in this letter.