Sheriff Memo

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from the Sheriff is completely different than previous letters. First of all, the Sheriff has always closed his letters as follows:


Randall J. Dietrich


Gallatin County Sheriff's Office

But in this episode he simply signs:


Randall J. Dietrich.

In all previous letters he has not indented the beginning of paragraphs like is proper, but this letter is properly indented at every paragraph. Next, The language of the letter is flowery and the Sheriff is very matter of fact and to the point. He doesn't waste time with sugary, flowery metaphors. He speaks of four horsemen of the apocalypse and how sometimes Conquest is called Pestilence. He says he went and had a talk with Dr. Cortes and realised he was making a mountain out of a mole hill and that all was good at the facility and the body was merely a hunting accident after all. The last thing that is different about this letter is the Sheriff's seal in the upper left corner. Very small differences are seen when looking with the jewellers loupe. The horse's mane and tail in all previous letters are black and in this episode the mane and tail is white, like that of the white horse of the apocalypse that Pestilence rides on (see pictures below). Also the spoke on the wheel of the carriage in this episodes letter has an arrow pointing straight down, most likely resembling Pestilence's bow and arrow. The Sheriff is most definitely murdered at this point and this is Jasper's doing and Jasper's words.