Sheriff Memo

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from the Sheriff speaks with more urgency. He is a little irritated that he has sent a letter to Felix about the body that is steadily decomposing in the woods and has had to reaction or response. We know from season Awakening and Transformation that the email system at LFoA is monitored so it is safe to assume that the phones are as well, but why not use burner phones to discuss this decaying corpse? For whatever reason they decided to use the regular mail system. The Sheriff mentions that the Dr. Cortes told him when he was at the facility that Meg had stepped out for the day but according to the calendar she was supposed to have the day off. Does this mean that Meg is not accounted for? If so, then that would mean that Jasper has killed her and is also writing his own inspectors notes. The Sheriff is wondering if the body in the woods is Clark Love, the groundskeeper, but if Dr. Willa Cortes was killed and no longer running the facility then there would not be anyone there to oversee the groundskeeper to do his duties and he would just get lax. The Sheriff mentions that he is going back to the facility to get answers from the doctor and he is not going to take it easy on him. He specifically refers to the doctor as a male. So from the time that Sylvia met the doctor to the time that the Sheriff met the doctor, the doctor was killed and Jasper is not standing in for the doctor instead.