Letter From Sylvia

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Sylvia, so far, seems to be the third letter in the series. She mentions meeting Sheriff Dietrich and not liking him at all. She said he was overly particular about the details of his order and that she was a little too lenient on her costs at the time. He came back before the promised time and was upset that the piece wasn't ready, even though it was a week before it was supposed to be finished. She does mention the Deputy Nick Morgan and her fondness for him. They talk quite a bit and he tells her the entire layout of the Bozeman facility. He also shows interest in her miniature woodcarvings that are her interpretation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. She also tells Jasper that she tried to come see him at the facility and wasn't surprised that she wasn't allowed in. But was pleasantly pleased to find that the facility was only an hour outside of Bozeman. She has again included a cypher in her letter in the form of a substitution cypher. To see how to solve this cypher please visit here.