Supplemental Report

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This supplemental report was sent to Felix and then passed from Felix to us. It gives us valuable information concerning the Bozeman facility that the Sheriff has observed. 

He observed that there are no visiting hours for patients presently but he believes the patients are the ones in charge of cleaning the inside of the facility and he noted they are doing an excellent job. He made mention that the grounds are unkept and the office of the groundskeeper if locked. 

He takes a peak into Meg's office but she has stepped out to for a bit to take care of a personal matter He notes that she has several different books on her desk including Faulkner, bio texts, and photography journals. 

He notes that the doctor is living in a converted dorm room next to the only bathroom in the dorm area. We know that according to the patient file from episode one it was advised that Jasper live in an apartment off facility grounds. This is most likely Jasper and his "apartment".

He says there aren't very many official documents lying around but he notices the staff calendar and snatches it while the "doctor" isn't looking. Although he doesn't know if it will yield any useful information.

The Sheriff notices how quiet the facility is and that the patients hardly make any noise at all. He suggests that maybe music should be played. The "doctor" suggests Poème Symphonique, which is the music of 100 metronomes played by 10 musicians. The rhythmic ticking of the metronome sounds an awful lot like that of a ticking clock, one of Jasper's favourite things.