Letter From Sylvia

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Sylvia appears to be the first in the series that she has written him. She tells him that she needed some time to process what had happened but she wanted to finally reach out to him. She can't believe he was capable of killing unless he was being abused and asks if Manny was hurting him in some way. She says she is keeping his workstation at her shop, Carte du Monde, exactly as he left it. At first glance, without reading the inspectors notes, we would think the photo of the desk if a photo of Jasper's workstation at Carte du Monde, but according to Meg's inspectors notes she tells us this is a photo of her work station and she has provided it to us to get to know her better. 

She speaks of her jewelry making and how she is thinking of moving on to making something along the equestrian nature. Maybe horseshoes and stallions. She gives us a clue to the cypher in her letter by telling us that a horse will never jump a rail fence as long as it is well made. She also tells us that a standard rail fence has a height of three and a cycle of four. To see how to work this cypher please visit here. She ends her letter by telling him that she thinks she will send him a stallion necklace because they are wild and unbridled and running free from human control.