Archives Of The LFoA

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Jasper supposedly does not have access to a computer or the internet. He writes to us on a typewriter. Felix asked us to look at the archives section of the LFoA website and that he has provided a back door as access for us. Jasper should not have access to us. Knowing this, Jasper sent us the thaumatrope with the word "teeth", which is the access word on the archives section. Included in our package from Jasper was a photo of a pole vaulter by Thomas Eakins. Jasper made no mention of this in his letter. He made mention of everything he sent us, except the vault photo. Was the vault photo slipped in as part of our package from Jasper so we believed he sent it to us? Has Felix built the back door access around items that Jasper is sending us? If not, how is Jasper getting access to a computer to configure the passwords for the back door access port? Who exactly is configuring the password?