Physical Evidence
Patient File

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This file is a wealth of information on our Friend, Jasper Flowers, patient 5040. His birthday is listed as 09/17/1974 making him roughly 43 years of age at this time (as of February 2018). He has never been married. He currently resides in Bozeman, MT. He was admitted for assessment on 05/15/2004 at the Bozeman LFoA Facility. It is noted that he pleaded insane at his trial but forensic evidence verified culpability. 

Jasper is known to demonstrate violent speech and aggressive posturing but has not been violent during his residency. They suggest he live in an apartment instead of the facility grounds and reevaluate in six months with possible sedation, if necessary. 

He has been enrolled into the COBRA program with the D.O.J. and is listed as patient 5040 COBRA81. They seem impressed with the outcome of his testing and wish to continue.

The file ends with a letter from Jasper to Warren Jones dated January 18, 2005. He tells Warren Jones that he is offering his services and thanks him for helping him. He is very polite and personable in the letter.