Letter From Sylvia

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Sylvia is definitely not the first letter that was sent to Jasper by Sylvia. One of the first lines in her letter ask him if he remembers her last letter. So we immediately know that we are receiving her letters out of order. She tells Jasper about an art expo in Helena and how she is offended that they cut down her demonstration time and she decided to bow out at the last minute to teach them a lesson. She goes on to tell him that she has hired some assistants to help her with an ambitious projects of expanding her workshop, Carte du Monde, but assures him that none of the assistants have the talent and attention to detail that he had. She seems saddened by the fact that he didn't feel comfortable opening up to her like she so wanted him to do. She seems to feel a closeness to him that doesn't seem to be reciprocated. In the post script of her letter she tells us that gold rings move forward with Aquamarine and silver rings move backwards with Zirconia. This is her hint to the cypher in her letter. To see how to solve this cypher please visit here.