Letter From John William James

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from John William James starts out with the sentence, "Qua resurgent ex favilla judicandus homo reus," which is line out of the Lacrimosa which is part of the Roman Catholic Requiem Mass Dies Irae. The line means "From the dust of earth returning, Man for judgement must prepare him." JWJ says that his mother once read these words to him and asks if they are meant to tell us that even the most virtuous among us is doomed or that we all have a second chance? He ponders how those closest to us can still remain shrouded in such mystery, such as his dead mother. He then has the word "Lacrimosa" oddly placed in the middle of the page again, just like the word "Possession" was in the last letter. To see how to use this word please visit here. He then has a passage, "Rex tremandae maiestatis, qui salvandos, salvas gratis, salva me, fons pietatis." Which is again from the Dies Irae Requiem Mass. The Requiem Mass is a mass sung or said in honour of the dead. Is JWJ saying this in honour of the sacrifice that Aaron made or is he predicting his own death? He tells us that he is king among gods, meaning he is the top dog in this pack of followers he has, and he is finally letting us know exactly how large his following has grown. He is sending us a list of his followers names and locations to go on our map from episode one. In his post script he tells us he is sending us a token that he says is close to his heart, the necklace. To see why this is close to his heart please visit here