Letter From Aaron de Vaille

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Aaron's letter solidifies which person he chose to murder to fulfill his ascension and progression. Catherine, the employee of the month, sells him his dog food, cares about the animals and cleans out the earth, so she is too wholesome to be picked. Clarrisa has her issues and airs her dirty laundry for all to see but John... well John Blaine shows off his wealth and brags about his money. He flies himself and his family across the country for a few weeks a year to live in a house that stays vacant the rest of the year. Aaron can't stand this type of show of power so he must snuff it out at the source before others strive to be like John. He tells us that he buried him in the Pig's Eye, near the Garden of the God's. The Pig's Eye is a rock formation in the Garden of the God's that is pictured below. 

He then asks if we like movies and says he has been working on his cinema skills and hopes that we will like the movie he is making for us.