Letter From John William James

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

In this letter from John William James he is upset over the communications from Aaron to us. He feels that Aaron has over-stepped his boundaries with us. So he is punishing him by making him chose one of three people to kill off of a hit list from a previous episode, John Blaine, Catherine Hill, or Clarrisa Hatherly. He asks if we know where Aaron will leave the body of evidence and tells us that it will be at the place that they reunited and reconnected. This is Colorado Springs, Colorado. Using the map from episode three and the constellation chart we can find this location. To see where this location is please visit here

He reminds us that he is the dragon swan, part Draco, his father, and part Cygnus, his mother, making him cygnusdraconis. He says perhaps Aaron needs a reminder of who he is, the wolf, Lupus, one who obeys.