Whispers From Theodorus

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The John William James letter has the word "Possession" written by itself in the middle of the page. Using this as a search term on the Whispers From Theodorus website, it brings us to the Possessionem file. Using the same word, "possession" as the password, we can gain access. 

We find that JWJ doesn't have as much esteem of Aaron as we at first thought, since he calls his stationary trash and comments that he has poor taste. He even goes so far to switch out his envelope to one of his own before it is mailed to us. 

He makes a point of calling Aaron a feral cur that refuses to yield to his master. He later asks if he is an obedient pup. There is a constellation on the constellation print that is a wolf. Lupus is the Latin name for the wolf constellation located in the Southern Sky. 

He lets us know that the website on the Heck On Wheels business card has more than meets the eye and we should pay close attention to it. There is something there that we are to find. He also tells us that we are to use the star chart and over lay it on another document to find something new. Perhaps something from a previous episode. And last but certainly not least, he mentions the Talaria having a new mission statement and that they must be under new management. Considering they referred directly to JWJ in their mission statement, it is fair to assume he is their new manager.