Letter From John William James

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from JWJ is a little confusing. In the last letter he sent us the hit list that Aaron was to chose from of people: John Blaine, Clarrisa Hatherly, and Catherine Hill. We deduced that Aaron would pick John Blaine for a few reasons. Now JWJ tells us that Aaron has over stepped his boundaries when writing to us and must make a choice. That of the three, one of them must die and through his grace it is Aaron's choice to pick which one. He tells us, oddly, that we are reaching "fin de siecle". This means the closing of one era and the onset of another. Whose sun is falling and whose is rising? He asks if we know where Aaron will leave the body of evidence? He says it will be near where JWJ and Aaron reunited, which we know is in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is where the map  from episode three comes into play and the altered Palmer Trail.

He has the word Possession oddly placed in the middle of the page by itself. This is a clue to finding the next Whispers From Theodorus file that we need for this episode. To see how to access that please visit here

He reminds us that he is the dragon swan, part Draco and part Cygnus, Draco being his father and Cygnus being his mother, making him the cygnusdraconis, the dragon-swan. He says that maybe Aaron just needs a push to remind him of who he is.