Letter From Aaron de Vaille

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from Aaron has a lot of flowery language that makes him sound like he is in the league of JWJ when writing, but he is mostly just putting words on a page. Although they do make sense, it sounds like he god a thesaurus out and replaced as many words as possible with bigger and better words to make his letter sound good. He doesn't have the lovely flow that John William James has and the ease of pen. His post script makes note of his relationship with JWJ, he says:

"Consider a man out for a walk, holding a leash connected to the collar worn by a dog. The dog is in front, and the man is behind. The man believes he is walking the dog, but does he not follow?"

He is asking us that though he is the one being led on a leash, isn't the one that is out in front on the leash, in front and leading? He is getting a little big for his britches and thinking he is higher on the food chain than he really is, and JWJ will most likely have to knock him down a peg.