Letter From John William James

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

JWJ reminds us to take note of his history because we are the historian after all. He tells us that Bob is prospering well but Cleo has made a grave mistake and he must bring in a clean up man to take care of her. Someone he has had contact with in the past at Darlington. Using the LFoA Facebook page we find that Aaron de Vaille used to work at Darlington but was transferred to Colorado Spring, Colorado to be the custodial manager at that facility. But JWJ is now going to meet back up with this disciple and give him an assignment: Take care of Cleo. He tells us that his new disciple now lives in the state that honoured the Jurassic. Colorado has a large dinosaur fossil park known as Garden Park with smaller parks inside such as Garden of the Gods. He also tells us that it's the state that honoured the Jurassic 26 years after he was born. Looking back to episode three of season Awakening, we were sent the hospital bracelet for John William James and it contained his birthdate as pictured below:

Seeing as JWJ was born in 1956 and 26 years later would have been 1982, we find an article in The Gazette that tells us that "Morrison is known as home of the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. But long before concerts, dinosaurs ruled the area. Late 19th-century excavations led to the planet's first remains of the Stegosaurus, which was named Colorado's state fossil in 1982." This further points to the fact that JWJ is in Colorado Springs, Colorado.