Letter From Aaron de Vaille

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This is a letter from Aaron de Vaille, a disciple of John William James that works at the Colorado Springs facility but used to work at the Darlington facility where JWJ was housed. This is confirmed in the letter from episode eight of Awakening written to George Madson concerning patient 1618, John William James. It says:

"I should also take this opportunity to warn you about something. 1618 has become intimate with one of our custodians here. I have noticed them speaking on several occasions and 1618 always appears to be behaving as if he is in charge. When I brought it up, our custodian denied  any and all interaction with the patient. This is not normal behaviour for our staff and with your permission I would like to recommend to our custodial manager that he be transferred to another facility to avoid any potential conflicts or disruptions. Perhaps we can give him a promotion and put him in charge of the custodial department at our new facility to quell any suspicions."

Aaron de Vaille was transferred and given a custodial promotion when he went from Darlington to Colorado Spring, Colorado. 

Aaron says that JWJ calls us Eolian's Harp, also spelled Aeolian's Harp. It is a musical instrument played by the wind and was named for Aeolus, a Greek god of the wind. He says we are playing the Dragon Swan's hymn for all to hear. He quotes Jack London, who wrote the book White Fang. He also talks about his distaste for the corporate world, saying they live mindlessly and are just in love with what they can own and suffer from their own vanity. This helps us narrow down on the person he is to pick off his hit list easily. Only one of them brags of his achievements and wealth, John Blaine.

We know we are picking from a hit list based off the rune message sent to us by JWJ. To see how to solve this message please visit here. Also based off the message in the Whispers From Theodorus website from this episode. To see how to access this section of the website please visit here