John William James Letter

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This letter from John William James tells us that "the" mother fell from an obelisk, the sacrificial altar of the son and that this completed his (the son's) initiation. He mentions the names Scamander and Andromache in his letter. Scamander was a river that flowed beneath Troy that one mouth produced cold water and one mouth produced warm water regardless of the seasons. Andromache was the wife of Hector and her name means "man fighter". JWJ tells us that our prize is that we become the Harbinger of Freedom. A harbinger is someone that announces the approach of another. We are to be the one that announces the approach of John William James. The woman that fell from the obelisk, Marjorie, is the same woman that sent Robert the handwritten note in episode one, his mother, and JWJ is telling us that this completes Bob's initiation. Bob must have pushed her from the obelisk as a test for his loyalty to JWJ. He tells us that he has included a copy of a letter to his next disciple, the beehive print message is to her, Cleo. To see the solved cypher from the beehive print please visit here