Swirled Text Print

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The written text on the swirled text print is as follows:

Dvoo wlmv nb wvzivhg uirvmw. Szev blf hvvm gsv mvdh? R xvigzrmob svokvw Yly nzpv srh nzip lm gsv dliow. Mld sv tlvh fmwvi nb tfrwzmxv gl hzev gsvn uiln gsvnhvoevh. R hglkkvw yb gsv low uzin zugvi. Rg rh hgroo zm zhsvm yovnrhs fklm gsv vzigs dsviv gsv olmt-wvzw dsrhkvi.

Using the clue from the plastic jar lid we know this is an atbash cypher and translates to:

Well done my dearest friend. Have you seen the news? I certainly helped Bob make his mark on the world. Now he goes under my guidance to save them from themselves. I stopped by the old farm after. It is still an ashen blemish upon the earth where the long-dead whisper.