JWJ's Location

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

There are several things in the box that give us an idea on the location for John William James. First we received the buckeye nut that is the state tree for Ohio. We also know that JWJ is originally from Ohio. Next is the celestine crystal that has the largest geode found in South Bass Island, Put-In-Bay, Ohio. Lastly, the Merry Go Round print by Mark Gertler leads us to the Kimberly Carousel that is on South Bass Island also. It is the last carousel to operate in the United States of its size. Oddly enough there is also the Perry's Victory and Peace Memorial on the island that is another obelisk. I'm sure JWJ is visiting this obelisk. This may also be the "tower" that "M." said she was going to visit in her handwritten note to Robert.