Merry-Go-Round Print

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This is a print of the famous painting by painter Mark Gertler from 1916. He was watching a carousel at a fair when he had inspiration for this painting. It's a metaphor for the relentless military machine. The Merry Go Round was bought by The Tate Gallery in 1984 but is not currently on display there. When looking at all evidence sent, the buckeye nut, the celestine crystal, and this painting, we start to look for places in the United States that have all of these things in common. A buckeye is the state nut for Ohio, and a large deposit of celestine was found South Bass Island, Put-In-Bay, Ohio. In Put-In-Bay you will also find Kimberly's Carousal, one of the last merry-go-rounds in operation in the country.