LFoA Memo

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

This is a letter from JWJ's former inspector, Jacob Nilson. He tells JWJ that he is sorry he wasn't ready to perform some apparent action that JWJ asked of him but he is willing to follow him wherever he will go, just like he has since Aaron left. (Aaron de Vaille was a custodian at the Darlington facility and was transferred to the Colorado Springs facility to become the custodial manager.) Jacob all but begs JWJ to take him with him. He is terrified that Felix, founder of the LFoA, knows what he has done and will come after him. He says he made a mistake by contacting the historian, which the historian is us, and Jacob contacted us in episode seven of Awakening. He encrypted an acrostic message in his LFoA letter. To see what that letter said please visit here.