John William James Letter

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

John William James' letter has odd characters throughout his letter. He has exchanged some of the L's and O's for ones and zeroes such as the following:

T0DAY the air tastes sweet and fine, the sounds of birds tweet 1ively by, and I can N0W enjoy a warm espresso as I p1ease. I feel relaxed and free and I CANN0T remember time when I last felt this way. On cloudy days I like to ST0P for a bit of choco1ate in the midd1e of this village. Yes, I am neither H0ME nor home, but between two wor1ds. My past 1ays before and 1ays behind, and the future is everywhere I am.

P0OR Lloyd. He will never know the C0SMIC paradigm shifts wrought courtesy of the bequest to his on1y C0MPANION of his father's inheritance. I SH0ULD say, Daddy must have fe1t quite guilty; after all he did ABAND0N his boy.

Speaking of gifts, I wou1d like you to start L00KING back through the 1itt1e gifts I've given you. One of them is perhaps the M0ST important of them a1l, and yet the least CONSPICU0US. I know you still have it. Treasure it; you have PR0VED yourse1f as worthy and capab1e in your ro1e as Herodotus or Sima Qian.

I wi1l make - 0UT here and along the way - new friends, but D0 not fret; you are still dearest to my heart. WITH0UT you, none of this would be P0SSIBLE. WTH0UT you, my story wou1d not be archived for the annals of HIST0RY. Without you, I could not C0NTINUE.

Writing all these ones and zeroes down in sets of eight, we get a binary code of:

01010011 = S

01110010 = r

01010011 =S


00000100 =4