Physical Evidence
John William James Patient Folder

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

John William James Patient Folder

This patient folder is a wealth of information. It contains multiple different types of documents.

Patient Information on JWJ: this patient sheet gives a shocking discovery. JWJ is convicted of not only patricide, but also matricide and arson. It appears that he killed his Mother in 1976 then killed his father in 1977 with a fire. He suffers from possible schizophrenia, grandiose delusions, and post  traumatic stress disorder. He is not listed to be taking any medicine.

Library Card Records: we also receive five library card records with books that JWJ has checked out of the library and lead us to all the books he has used for images sent to us.

Infant's Cabinet Of Birds and Beasts

Demonology and Devil-Lore

The Oxford Dictionary of Classical Mythology and Religion

Stories In The Stars: An Atlas of Constellations

Our Father Who Art in Hell

Correspondence Between Kathy and George Madson: there are several letters from Kathy to George Madge about JWJ being enrolled in a program called COBRA as test subject COBRA1 and COBRA2. He apparently purposely failed at COBRA1 and was almost kicked out of the program. But per Madson's request, they proceeded with COBRA2 testing. He participated in this test but completed the test as if he was still in COBRA1, baffling the doctors. Kathy also sends a note describing and relationship between JWJ and the custodian. They become some close that it is required to transfer the custodian to another facility.

Correspondence Between George Madson and Felix: there are several written correspondence from George Madson to Felix, founder of LFoA. He becomes increasingly paranoid and is all but demanding help from Felix. He demands that Felix allow a new hire to secretly keep an eye on JWJ. He is convinced that JWJ is trying to take over the facility and is turning all the fellow patients into a cult type atmosphere. He begins to rant towards the end of the last letter. He has become convinced that JWJ means him harm. 

Felix's response is a typed formal letter letting George know that he will not entertain any other notions on the subject and that he is sure that what is happening is normal for the situation. He even tells George that he feels he has become paranoid about the situation.

Madson's Personal Notes: The next set of papers are personal typed notes by George Madson. These are most likely what he was working on in his own time at home that his wife, Valerie, mentioned finding in episode seven. He starts out semi-coherent but ends up rambling and not even using punctuation. He is clearly losing it.

Goodbye Letter From Valerie: This letter from Valerie is not addressed to anyone in particular. It is evidence she has left behind in the case of something happening to her. She lists her reasons for thinking that JWJ has harmed or murdered her husband, George Madson, and why she thinks Jacob Nilson is involved. She does let us know that her young son, Noah, is safe with family in an undisclosed location.

Cypher: The last item in the file is a cypher that needs to be solved.