John William James Patient File

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

The first page of John William James' patient file exposes that he is not only guilty of patricide (killing his father), which we suspected, but also of matricide in 1976 (killing his mother)! He has always spoken so highly of his mother but because of her betrayal of cheating on his father and conceiving him, he killed her. JWJ has no tolerance for betrayal. He is also guilty of arson at the same time of killing his father in 1977, so we can assume this was the method of murder for his father.

We also see that he has an assignment in the library and the garden. Giving him access to the chemicals needed to kill Lloyd McGowan with organophosphates. 

He has been entered into a program called COBRA and he is referred to as COBRA1 in the first memo. The program looks to be some sort of testing program on select patients. His first test in COBRA1 he just sat in the chair and did nothing for one hour and twenty minutes. Kathy, the overseer of the test, wanted to pull him from the program as she saw this as a complete failure. But on the request of George Madson she tried again. In test COBRA2, which is a completely different set of stations, he sat still just like before and when Kathy gave the order from beyond the glass for him to be removed, he started moving. She felt it was eery, that he started moving at the same moment she gave the order even though he couldn't see or hear her give the order. He then went the the stations as if he was doing COBRA1, but he was in the COBRA2 testing. He was doing it from memory. Kathy is now intrigued and wants to place him under special observation.

The last memo from, we assume, Kathy to George Madson is a warning letter. She is warning Madson that JWJ has become fixated on mythology and assigning people in his surrounding  mythological constellations names. He has been especially fixated on Cygnus and Draco. She reveals that he feels that Cygnus is his mother and Draco is his father. She also makes a note of a custodian that JWJ has grown close to and in their private conversations she says it looks like JWJ is the one in charge. She mentions that transferring this custodian and possibly giving him a promotion might be the best choice in the situation. After researching their LFoA Facebook page we find that Aaron de Vaiile was transferred to the Colorado Springs facility from Darlington and promoted to Custodial Manager. Read part of his bio below:

  • Aaron has been with us since 2004, and has never missed a single day of work. Starting as a custodian in Darlington, Aaron was recognised immediately for his positive attitude and helpful nature, always showing up 15 minutes early to assess all the tasks that need completion. Aaron never leaves a task unfinished, and he brings great care to everything he does at LFoA. Sometimes Aaron can be found talking with patients and often mentions how lucky he is to have so many friends where he works! His dedication has been demonstrated over and over again, both in our Darlington facility, and currently in our Colorado Springs facility, where he is now custodial manager.

We then have two handwritten memos from George Madson to Felix. He explains his concerns about John William James and that something needs to be done. He expresses concern over the rest of the patients gravitating towards him and JWJ gaining control over the patients. In his second memo he is saying that JWJ is now influencing the staff at Darlington and that his "reach is wide". Madson expresses his distrust of the inter-office memo system explaining why he is handwriting his notes. He feels Mr. James is listening. He keeps asking for help and additional resources to watch JWJ.

In episode six we receive an email from Valerie Madson to Jacob Nilson. She reveals that her husband, George, was working on something private at home and that she had found all of his case notes. She says that she is going to sit down with these notes and see if anything leads to finding her husband. Some of these notes are included. We see from the language of these notes that George Madson started off with complete sentences and thoughts but soon his speech is erratic and broken. His thoughts are scattered and paranoid. Poor George is clearly starting to lose his mind. This goes hand in hand with the last known letter from poor Valerie Madson. 

This letter reads as a goodbye letter and also as evidence that if something happens to her where we should look. But if we have this evidence from JWJ, the police don't.

The last page of this file is a letter from Felix to George. He shows his concern for Madson's state of mind and tells him that he feels he is being paranoid. He also asks him to please use the proper LFoA secure system for all communication from that time forward, which we know was compromised.