Pen Pal Letter

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Pen Pal Letter

The Pen Pal Letter JWJ writes has a ominous tone. He speaks of Hades and what happens to the body upon death. He tells a story of his Mother and them laying in the grass watching the swans and her telling his stories of the constellations. She promised him that when she died she would watch over him from the stars.

He speaks of his Father and how his most valuable lesson learned from him was the need to tie up loose ends. If a loose end was left open it needed to be taught how to tie up its own loose ends. This is referring to Heather. He taught her to tie up her loose ends by killing off men that she abhorred. He then, of course, tied up her loose end by killing her at the Concord Point Lighthouse. 

He ends his letter by asking if we ever dream of being in the stars, angelic and ancient and admitting that he does. He also tells us that he is made up of his Father and Mother and made into one. The dragon swan that he gives us represents himself and how he sees himself. His Father was the dragon, Draco, and his Mother was the swan, Cygnus. But he is a combination of the two of them.