Dragon Swan

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Dragon Swan

JWJ mentions in his letter that from his Mother, from his Father, he is made one. He includes this print of a dragon swan in our box. He feels his Mother is a swan and his father is a dragon, but from the two of them he becomes one and this is how he sees himself. 

There is an old Celtic mythological legend in Irish folklore about The Children of Lir. Lir is the father of four children. Sons: Aed, Fiachra, and Conn, and daughter, Fionnula. The Mother of the children and love of his life is Aiobh. Unfortunately Aiobh dies and Lir marries her sister, Aiofe. She becomes jealous of the children's love for Lir and her deceased sister and she casts a spell and turns the children into swans. The spell was to last 900 years until they heard the bell of a new god. When Lir heard of what she had done he banished her to become a demon of the air. 

This story is has all of the elements that we are finding in this case and also surprisingly has a familiar name, Aiofe.