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Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Email Printout

This package was initialed by JN (Jacob Nilson) and slipped into the manila envelope after it had been inspected. The manila envelope had been opened and taped back into place. This along with the porcelain pig was slipped in.

Inside this envelope is a couple of drawings by Noah, George Madson's young son, and an email correspondence from Valerie Madson to Jacob Nilson. 

The first email is Val's way of trying to desperately siphon information out of Jacob about the location, or information leading to the location, of her husband. 

The second email is more hopeful on Val's part. She has found some files in George's office and is going to sit down and go through them. She felt George was working on a side project and that this will lead her to him. This email reveals her email address for us to reach her. See her response here.