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Man Released from Mental Institution Found Dead at Home

This article is about Lloyd McGowan who was found dead in his home from organophosphate poisoning. No foul play is suspected and the case was considered closed by police.


Police Investigating, No horses Reported Missing

New York, - A small handful of children went adventuring in the sewers of Staten Island only to find a horrific scene. A pair of horses, one fully dressed with bridle and saddle, were found in the sewer, disemboweled and swarmed by scavenging rats. The bodies were noticeably distended and bloated in places from decomposition.

It is unclear as of yet who owns the horses, nor is it understood how they arrived at their final destination.

Mr. George Jeffries, a local laborer familiar with horses and who found the children said he has never seen anything quite like it. "My uncle used to get me to help him shoe his horses on his farm. I got real close to them beasts. They're smarter than they look," Mr. Jeffries said.

The children, 2 boys ages 7 and 8, were noticeably shaken by the ordeal.