Nylon String

Warning This Section Does Contain Spoilers

Nylon String

  • Clear piece of plastic nylon taped on back of sky chart with blue painters tape
  • Has many different uses:
    • Tooth brush bristle
    • Hair brush bristle
    • Carpet fiber
    • Harp string
    • Guitar string
    • Insulation jacketing material
    • Panty hose
    • Parachute cord
    • Tire cord
    • Tents
    • Ropes
    • Ponchos
    • Currency
    • Machine screws and gears
    • Meat wrappings
    • Weed eater string
  • The constellation Cygnus related to the constellation Orpheus and Orpheus plays a Lyre and the Lyra constellation is right next to Cygnus in our sky chart but right off the map
  • Main conclusion is that this nylon string is included by JWJ to point us to the constellation Lyra