Custodian (Robert Zykewski)


Scenario One

  • As a custodian Robert Zykewski would have had both means and opportunity to rape/impregnate Lilian having access to patient's rooms
  • In this time period custodians also doubled as handymen giving him access to tools
  • If Zykewski raped Lilian and Lloyd witnessed this attack this would explain why Lloyd randomly attacked Zykewski
  • If he raped Lilian and found out later she was pregnant and then attacked her per the scenario in the Lilian theory  scenario #1 then she could have gone on to deliver this child either peri- or post-mortem

Scenario Two

  • A normal autopsy uses one attending doctor and takes 2-4 hours to complete but Lilian's autopsy had three attending doctors and took 11 hours to complete lending way to scenario #2  in the Lilian theory
  • After being raped by Zykewski and becoming pregnant Lilian then goes in to labour and delivers said child
  • As is common in this time she dies in child birth
  • To cover up the fact that one of their own employees, or the fact that one of their patients was impregnated while in their care, the three attending doctors along with the head of the facility (DR signature of autopsy) decide to cover up the fact that she has delivered a child
  • They then proceed to stage a murder and cover up the pregnancy by stabbing her 13 times in the stomach and other areas of her body, also hitting her on the head with a tool
  • In this time an orphaned child was commonly named after an attending doctor, George Smith was an attending
  • George Madson could have been said child leading to the Madson theory